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6X2ML on YahooGroups

The 6X2ML is a mailing list on Yahoo devoted to the Zechs/Duo pairing. 6X2 is a rather rare pairing, but, as the 600+ members of the mailing list will attest, it has its own charms. This page will explain the aims and rules of the 6X2ML -- please read them before joining.

This mailing list's aim is to spread 6X2 fanfiction and encourage discussion of Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft/Preventer Wind and Duo Maxwell. It was created by Meiran Chang ( when she realized that there was no 6X2ML yet. Seeing mailing lists popping up for just about every possible GW pairing under the sun (WufeiXRelena pops to mind), she decided to make a mailing list devoted to a pairing she personally enjoyed, but saw depressingly little of. Thus: 6X2ML. As of this revision (5/24/05) the mailing list is five years old.

The 6X2ML is moderated by The Czarina Merquise (

These are the rules. Read. Obey.

1) This is a yaoi ML. Yaoi means boy/boy, i.e., two males doing the horizontal tango or at least really wanting to. If you don't like yaoi, please don't join the list, as the 6X2ML is an explicitly yaoi list.

2) There may be some graphic sex described in the fanfiction posted. If this bothers you, or if you are underage, please don't read them. If you do, I cannot be held responsible.

3) This is not the place to share your 13X5 speculations or your 1X2 fanfiction or your 3X4 pictures. There are other mailing lists for that -- 1X2ML, tqml, WuML, gwing, et cetera. The list is strictly 6X2 as far as pairings go.

3A) Re pairings in fanfiction: If your fic has other pairings in it that are not 6X2, it is still an acceptable fic and you may post it. However, the main pairing must be 6X2, or must end up being 6X2. The main pairing may not be 6X1 or 2X4 with a sprinkle of 6X2; the main pairing must be 6X2. Threesomes (i.e. 6X2X1) are fine. If you have any questions about this, or aren't sure if your fic is appropriate, just email the Czarina:

4) Stay on-topic. This is what is on-topic: discussion about Zechs, discussion about Duo, discussion about the both of them, posting of fanfiction romantically/sexually involving the two of them, posting of fanfiction centering on one of them, and discussion of fanfiction. I will allow an occasional off-topic post, but don't make a habit of them.

4A) Please mark an off-topic post with an [OT] in the subject line, for those of us with mail filters.

5) Obviously, no flames. Flaming someone results in automatic banning, maybe forever, depending on the severity of the flame and the depth of wounded emotion on part of the recipient. Be polite. This shouldn't be a problem.

6) Keep your sig file short. A sig file longer than your message is unacceptable, period. "Short" is defined, at least on this mailing list, as four to eight lines. I don't see why people can't just sign their name and be done with it, but... whatever.

7) Snip parts of messages which aren't relevant to your reply. For example, if you reply to a fic, don't leave the rest of the fic tagging onto the end of your response. That's just annoying and takes up mailbox space. Keep the >> and >>> lean.

8) Send one-line replies to fanfiction to the author personally and not to the group. You do this by clicking on the arrow next to the "to" field and clicking on the author's name/email address, not "".

9) Don't post about your personal life on the list! I'm really sorry if your pet kitty got run over by the garbage truck, but go to the dead-kitty mailing list to wail about your loss. The 6X2ML is a Gundam Wing mailing list devoted to the spreading of 6X2 fanfiction, and the appropriate place to write about yourself is in your blog. Want a blog? Go to

10) 6X2ML has an archive now! If you don't want your fics or artwork archived at the group web site, then please say so in the warnings/disclaimers/yadda yadda section of your message. Otherwise, it will automatically go up. Again, please make sure to state whether or not you want your fic/pic to be archived. Ask Sailor Bluestar or Bronze Tigress if you have any questions.

Some more information about the mailing list, in case you're interested:

It is strictly moderated, despite what Yahoo says about "unmoderated." Don't fuck around.

It was founded on June 27, 2000.

Its primary language is English.

A moderator personally approves every member who applies to join; "restricted membership" just means we like knowing when someone has joined.

Archives are for members only.

No email attachments allowed (post your file to the "Files" section of the list).

And now for the sweet farewell.

If you'd like to join, just click the button below:

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If you'd like to unsubscribe, email

If you'd like to contact the Czarina with any questions whatsoever, email her at For 6X2 fanfiction and art, visit Tresses: The 6X2ML Archive!

Domo arigatou gozaimasu!